We don’t change your process but instead steamline your entry of data

About Us

Simply Connected Systems was created when Steven Kramer realized that ‘In the Field’ businesses with ‘Existing Systems’ were still using paper, texting, email, phone calls and rekeying as ‘methods’ of moving data ‘From the Field’ to ‘The Office’. In an era when we all carry ‘Personal Connected Applications’ on our phones and tablets, established businesses were unable to participate in this major business change, until NOW!

Simply Connected Systems will provide a ‘No Handwriting, No Rekeying, Paperless Solution’ to the established business without disruption to existing systems, change of the workflow, or high cost of deploying new systems. This is accomplished by ‘Simply Connecting’ their ‘Existing Systems’ together and providing a set of Mobile Applications to replace the ‘Paper in the Field’. Oh and these ‘Mobile Applications’, they replicate the existing paper forms.


Simply Connected Systems

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