Mobile Applications: Chasing the Holy Grail

Vince Lombardi once screamed at his team, “What in the heck is going on around here!”, as he looked out on the playing field. For those of us who manage field personnel …we sometimes wonder the same thing. The 1990’s gave us vehicle tracking, displaying trucks as map...

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Cliff Pierson, Bay Area Air Conditioning General Manager

“The answer is Simply Connected Systems. Let me show you how to create what is best for you rather than explaining why you need to change what you do to fit the other options available for dealing with a mobile workforce. Never before have I been able to solve operation, accounting and marketing issues with a single method and do it in literally in no time at all. The world is at your fingertips and all it takes is to start using Simply Connected Systems. This is not just an Application Builder, it is the path toward transforming your business the way you want it to be… not the way someone else does.”

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Zach Pinkerton, Project Coordinator Roberts-McNutt Inc.

“The program provides new technology to track hours spent, cost, and the effectiveness of our work. With this system, we are able to be more efficient with our production as well as managing our employees so that our work is done in a timely manner. Also, it has become a tool to keep our laborers honest with their day to day work/hours.
Simply Connected Systems has been very beneficial on giving us insight to make our company more efficient when we do not have an answer. Simply Connected Systems would be a great asset for your company and has my highest recommendation. ”

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